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Selected Research Works

Below is a very old collection of links to some research works, but the best approach now is to access my works on the Loyola eCommons.

Note that various copyright restrictions apply to use of most of the works made available here. In general, whatever you access here should probably be treated the same way as a print version from the relevant journal or conference proceedings, and you should adhere to all copyright restrictions imposed by the publisher. In particular, you can look up here the key provisions of the "Provisional IEEE Copyright Policies for the New Publishing and Communications Technologies" dated 08/04/95 .

Note that I am also starting to set up some links to my Ph.D. advisees and/or some of their publications .

Note that the versions of the works here may differ slightly from published versions. In particular, formatting may differ, and changes made on galley proofs may not have been incorporated here. (Also, some copyright agreements require that preliminary versions on an electronic public server not be updated so as to be "identical in contents to the final published version".) On the other hand, there may be a few places where papers here have more up-to-date bibliographies than what was published, since some items in the bibliographies may have been "to appear" at the time of publication. I've now gotten together most of the past papers that will be available here, but there are other papers for which I don't have ready electronic versions or which are under active revision now and will be made available later. (Sorry, this page is quite old now; I'll try to get around to updating.)

Most of these papers are provided as postscript compressed with the UNIX "compress" command. Recently, I've started using compression via "gzip", since that seems to be at least as popular and to yield more compact results. If you need a different format or run into any other trouble, let me know (rig at cs.luc.edu).

Ronald I. Greenberg and Lee Guan. Modeling and comparison of wormhole routed mesh and torus networks. In Proceedings of the Ninth IASTED International Conference Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, pages 501--506, Washington, D. C., October 1997. (There were a few typos fixes and paragraph breaks that were supposed to get into the proceeding but didn't and that are included in this electronic version.)

Ronald I. Greenberg and Lee Guan. An improved analytical model for wormhole routed networks with application to butterfly fat-trees. In Hank Dietz, editor, Proceedings of the 1997 International Conference on Parallel Processing, pages 44--48. IEEE Computer Society Press, August 1997.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Shih-Chuan Hung and Jau-Der Shih. Parallel Algorithms for Single-Layer Channel Routing. Parallel Processing Letters, 7(3):267--277, 1997.. Earlier version in Algorithms and Computation: 4th International Symposium, ISAAC `93 Proceedings, pages 456--465. Springer-Verlag, 1993.

Ronald I. Greenberg and H.-C. Oh. Universal wormhole routing. IEEE Trans. Parallel and Distributed Systems, 8(3), March 1997.

Ronald~I. Greenberg and Jau-Der Shih. Minimizing channel density with movable terminals. Algorithmica, 17(2):89--99, February 1997.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Lee Guan. An empirical comparison of networks and routing strategies for parallel computing. In Proceedings of the Eigth IASTED International Conference Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, pages 265--269, October 1996.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Lee Guan. An empirical comparision of area-universal and other parallel computing networks. In Proceedings of the ISCA 9th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, pages 260--267, September 1996.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Jau-Der Shih. Single-Layer Channel Routing and Placement with Single-Sided Nets. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 32(4):1--7, 1996.

Ronald I. Greenberg and H.-C. Oh. Packet routing in networks with long wires. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 31(2):153--158, December 1995.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Jau-Der Shih. Feasible offset and optimal offset for general single-layer channel routing. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 8(4):543--554, November 1995.

Ronald I. Greenberg The fat-pyramid and universal parallel computation independent of wire delay. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 43(12):1358--1364, December 1994.

Ronald I. Greenberg, Joseph JaJa, and Sridhar Krishnamurthy. On the difficulty of Manhattan channel routing. Information Processing Letters, 44(5):281--284, December 1992.

Ronald I. Greenberg. The fat-pyramid: A robust network for parallel computation. In William~J. Dally, editor, Advanced Research in {VLSI}: Proceedings of the Sixth MIT Conference, pages 195--213. MIT Press, 1990.

Ronald I. Greenberg and Charles E. Leiserson. Randomized routing on fat-trees. In Silvio Micali, editor, Randomness and Computation. Volume 5 of Advances in Computing Research, pages 345--374. JAI Press, 1989. Note that formatting here is very different from the published version, and material is missing from Figures 1, 6, and 8 that was inserted by cut and paste.

Ronald I. Greenberg. Efficient Interconnection Schemes for VLSI and Parallel Computation. PhD thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, August 1989. MIT/LCS/TR-456. Note that there are some pagination changes (due to using newer LaTeX software and/or fonts than when the thesis was submitted), and I think one figure floats to a different place within the text, but page references should be accordingly modified.

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