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Course information

Note: Textbook information for upcoming courses is generally available on the department web site's Courses and Schedules page.

Current courses (Fall 2019)

Enrolled students can access the course home page after I have harvested information from Locus.

The pages below and related materials are open to currently enrolled students (TYPICALLY A FEW DAYS AFTER START OF TERM). While some materials may also be provided through Sakai, there are certain advantages I can achieve with these more customized implementations. When you go to one of these pages, a box will pop up asking for "User ID" and "Password". For "User ID", use your Loyola UVID (for example, "johnqstudent" if your email is "johnqstudent@luc.edu") all in lowercase. For "Password", use the last nine digits of your Loyola personal identification number (that appears on things like bills and transcripts). Note: Do not use cut and paste; we have seen this causing a problem in Internet Explorer. Do not include the "P" and all the leading zeros but just the last nine digits. Note that the Loyola PID is not your social security number. Also, you may have been assigned a "substitute" social security number as well as a Loyola PID; these substitute social security numbers seem to generally start with one or more 9's (after trimming to nine digits), whereas the only Loyola PIDs I have seen so far start with 0. (Sorry if this is inconvenient, but it is necessary for various purposes, e.g., restricting access to homework solutions and grade records.)

Tips for Courses with Online Homework Submission

Follow any specific directions for submission in your course; for example, COMP 264 will typically have specialized mechanisms. Usually, submission will be through Sakai even though your course web page may have an emergency backup submission mechanism of my own creation. (If you submit anything using my backup method, let me know, or I might not notice it.) Remember to click the button for final submission when preparing a Sakai submission, or I won't see anything. (And if I don't remember to set every assignment to allow resubmission, you'll have to let me know if that becomes a problem.) See also my suggestions for creating online submissions.

Tips for Writing Proofs

Here are some tips for writing proofs in courses where this is relevant.

Information for Courses Including Pair-Programming

(Thanks to Dr. Harrington for pulling together these materials.)
Not pair programming


Here are my most recent syllabi for courses that I have taught at Loyola (including courses in progress).

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