Loyola University of Chicago Computer Science Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Note: We do our best to keep this up to date, but, in case of any discrepancies, Locus is authoritative.

Provided here is a set of schedule views including a plot of courses on the Loyola grid (for those courses that have weekday meeting times) and listings under different sort orders (basically by unique code, by course and section number, by instructor, and by time). The plot consolidates into one box those courses that have the same time, location, type, credits, and instructor even though there may be multiple course/section numbers; it shows all information except course titles. (Type incorporates the Locus categorization of "Lec", "Lab", etc., but we may also use "LcLb" for a lecture with an integrated lab. Also, where scheduling needs to be in a Windows lab or Linux lab, the type could be e.g., WLab, WLec, LLab, or LLec.) In the Postscript and PDF files, the following color scheme is used: Spring I and Spring II are the two 8-week halves of the semester. In addition, if CSIS courses are shown, they will be on a different calendar per the quarter system of the Business School. Also note thatFoundations-CS-I and Foundations-CS-II may show only a primary time but also have additional meeting times.)

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