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ExCEL Computing Scholarship
New Student Application 2013--2014

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B. Educational Background

(If you need more room for section B, you may append to your personal statement.)

Please provide the information requested below for all undergraduate colleges and universities attended beginning with the most recent.

Dates of attendance are mm/yyyy-mm/yyyy. GPAs are cummulative grade point average after Fall 2012.

C. Personal Statement

Type a personal statement of approximately 250 words (one double-spaced page) to support your application. You may discuss such topics as your reasons for choosing your field of study, how you plan to use your education after graduation, leadership and service activities in which you have engaged, and/or how you have overcome hardships to pursue your goals. (The personal statement in your admission application will also be available to the scholarship selection committee but less conveniently.)

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(Print applications should arrive by February 15, 2013 to:
Edward R. Moore
Scholarship Director
Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, Illinois 60626 )

Students not yet admitted to Loyola, must also submit all admission materials by February 1, 2013. Also submit financial information.

Please make a copy of your completed application for your records.

Loyola University Chicago is an equal opportunity educator and employer and admits students without regard to their race, color, sex or national or ethnic origin. Qualified persons are not subject to discrimination on the basis of handicap.