My Materials Supporting the Exploring Computer Science Curriculum

Included here will be my personal materials supporting the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum, specifically version 4.0. (Some teachers in Chicago may also be using a version of this curriculum with integrated experiences providing preparation for Microsoft Office Specialist certification: Taste of Computing curriculum.)

My materials have not been reviewed by others, and do not have any official status within the ECS curriculum; rather they are simply a few handouts, web pages, and suggestions that I have prepared to support certain pieces within the ECS curriculum.

Most of my materials are available in

Feel free to edit and repackage these materials for your own use. If you are not familiar with LaTeX, you will probably want to cut-and-paste from the PDF to whatever document preparation tool you prefer.

My materials are organized under the standard ECS units, just the first three for now:

© 2012 Ronald I. Greenberg